Disk to Digital service

You will be provided with a DRM free copy of your media in the format of your choice.

I take no responsibility for content you are not allowed to copy. I will not ask questions or even remotely care where you aquired the disk from or even if you are allowed to make a copy of it. You take full responsibility for any copy write infrigement that could arise as the result of this service.

We can currently copy music or video CD's, DVD's Blu-Ray and VHS tapes. We can also convert (most of the time) digital video or audio to another format, or put it on a dvd, cd or blu-ray disk, even if it has DRM protection.

There will be no DRM protection on any media converted by us.

We don't recomend you distribute or share media you do not have rights to distribue, and we take no responsibility for what you do with the media we convert for you. We are simply offering a service to convert your media into more formats so you can do more of what you want with it.